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Welcome to Halo-Orangees/ h-connect energizing dating blog! In April 2012 Halo-Orangees’ launched h-connect.net brand, international online dating website. The h-connect.net is an empowering, motivating tool for singles to find their best friend in love. Halo-Orangees/h-connect blog is an extension of h-connect online dating website.

The h-connect Blog is an online relationship community. Our blog is a solid foundation of positive self-realization and growth. In order to form positive relations with others, a positive relationship with yourself must be achieved. A strong system of inner belief power within defining yourselves independent from others is essential with emphasis on valuing your worth. Our blog unities people from all walks of life internationally.

We enable opportunities for real love connections. The conversations are straightforward highlighting ups and downs of the world of dating.

The first step in building a wholesome relationship is positive communications. Communication is the link connecting people together worldwide. It is the foundation of relationships. Maintaining healthy relations between a man, woman, and etc., is a fulltime job. There is much to be gained from a healthy relationship. A partner who projects respect is vital. There is no reason to move forward with any person a minute after they execute disrespectful behavior. It’s critical to know your self-worth. A healthy relationship means unconditional love, support, understanding, & positive reinforcement of encouragement in life. It is having your best friend by your side through the good and bad times no matter the circumstances. As a human being we dream of having a successful life. Being in love with someone who 100% supports you is life changing.

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Join h-connect weekly conversations as we break new ground on the rise to relationship success. As each week unfolds Halo-Orangees/h-connect will share the dating journeys of ladies and gents globally? We listen, support, learn, improve, and encourage one another. Our blog is a solid foundation of upward self-realization and empowerment.

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