When you search the h-connect experience profile database, you are searching for and, more than likely will find your best friend in love. The dating world has become more and more deceptive. It has truly shaped and defined the term drama. In today’s world, there are so many misleading persons supplementing immeasurable drama into the lives of others. This is the sole reason the h-connect experience was created to transform dating into a brand new empowering experience with open, honest, and trustworthy communications.

Our vision is to facilitate sparks that incorporate real love connections by connecting best friends together into a boundless romance. The h-connect Experience Brand is based on real life dating experiences occurring in today’s dating world. One of the best approaches to forming a healthy surging relationship is truly getting to know the person’s true character. Within the heart of every human being is the actual person. The heart of a man or a woman -- no matter the nature (good or bad) is the passion within one’s self. It is the core desire of all human beings. The heart felt feelings and passion is what drives a person. The heart is what houses the faithful you. It makes up the inner you. The inner you is the true you; therefore, getting to know a person is essential when you are striving to form a relationship.

This is why the h-connect Brand Benefit Factor=Falling In Love With Your Best Friend. If you are not looking to form a friendship with the agenda of having it blossom into a productive relationship, this is not the online dating brand for you. We pride ourselves in helping people build positive, upward mobility, empowering, relationships. Our brand allows all customers total access at one of the most affordable/favorable rates of all the online dating brands. Not only do we recommend profiles for you to review, we set you up for success by giving you total access to search our profile database for a flat rate of $10.95 annually.


Halo-Orangees/ h-connect Blog

Halo-Orangees/ h-connect energizing dating blog! h-connect Blog is an online relationship community. Our blog is a solid foundation of positive self-realization and growth. In order to form positive relations with others, a positive relationship with yourself must be achieved. A strong system of inner belief power within defining yourselves independent from others is essential with emphasis on valuing your worth. Our Blog unities people from all walks of life internationally.


We enable opportunities for real love connections. The conversations are straightforward communications highlighting ups and downs of the world of dating. Join h-connect weekly conversations as we break new ground on the rise to relationship success. As each week unfolds Halo-Orangees/h-connect will share the dating journeys of ladies and gents globally. We listen, support, learn, improve, and encourage one another. Our blog is a solid foundation of upward self-realization and empowerment (