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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

                             Friends with Benefits Refining the World of Dating

The world of dating is being redefined. What was once intended to connect two people together who share the same values about life & love has downgraded to “friends with benefits” simplest terms- sex without love. Sex and intimacy are married partners’ conjoint twins. They go hand and hand. When you enter into a sexual relationship with someone you are giving yourself intimately. You are sharing a special part of yourself. When you have sex with someone you are committing your body to intimately connect to someone else’s. FWB with benefits implies lack of self-worthiness & inability to cherish the beauty of yourself & your body.

Is it possible to have a friend with benefits (relationship based on sex) with whom you spend a lot of time with (i.e. dinner, movies, and events) and not develop genuine feels for this person? Whom do you feel develop those deep feeling the most (male or female)? What is the purpose of doing and sharing all of the things that two people in a committed relationship would do if you are opposed to commitment?

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